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From the extraordinary Mariel Hemingway. Actress, author and inspiring example of natural youthful beauty....

"Living in a city that is obsessed with youth plus all the lifting, tucking and injections makes a woman fearful of the natural beauty of aging. That said with Time Reverse you get to have the face you were given, lifted naturally by wearing the facial support bands that simply remind your skin to stay looking smooth, firm and youthful. The Time Reverse Facial Support System is miraculous and I love it. Thank you Tanya for giving me the option of looking youthful, yet REAL." Mariel Hemingway. 

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"I have been using the Time Reverse face bands since they were first sold in the UK in 2002 and can’t be without them! The difference they make is truly remarkable. In a short time my wrinkles diminished and my skin firmed right up. I look so much younger now than when I started 10 years ago. I sleep in them every night and recommend them to everyone. They are also incomparably cheaper than injections with no pain. They do what they promise and I am so glad I found them. Many thanks." Peggy Harrison, West Midlands, UK

"I must admit that I did not expect such amazing results... I felt the difference within two weeks, but now that I am using your support system and skin care for about two months the skin on my face is smooth, has good textured and no wrinkles...I met a friend recently, whom I did not see for quite a long time...She looked at me and said, "what did you do to your face?. You had a face lift and don't deny it."  Anyway, I tell everyone who asks to buy Time Reverse support system and skin care", and many of my friends did so and love it. Thank you for a wonderful product and keep up the good work." - Anna Leeman, Pickering ON

"I just wanted you to know, the first time I wore my Time Reverse system it was for 50 minutes. When I took it off, I gasped, and then got real close to the mirror to make sure I wasn't imagining things. I looked probably 15 years younger. I'm 56, and I swear I saw the face of myseld when I was in my early forties. My cheeks had lost the hollow and the brackets around my nose were gone. The deep furrow with sagging skin between my eyebrows was plumped out and there was just two thin shallow lines left. My skin also glowed. I actually feel different, more confident, and more peaceful. It's like I have fought father time and won." - Lucy Bleeker, Toronto ON

"At 47 years of age I have spent thousands of dollars in the last 10 years looking for great skin care and anti-aging products that really work – do what they say they are going to do – not for one day, one week but every day of the month. It seems over the years I’ve researched ingredients and tried so many lines……the list goes on. Nothing seemed to work the way they promised. AHA, BHA vitamin C strong retinols, peels ….did not give me the smooth clear firm skin that I have been working so hard to achieve and maintain. What I did get was a linen closet full of bonus bags, pouches, purses never to be used or finished along with frustration and guilt of wasting my money. My girlfriend suggested I try Time Reverse. I have been using it for 1 year now. My skin looks and feels fantastic! Best money I have ever spent!" - Christine Thomas - Pickering, Ontario

"The facial support system was the best thing that could have happened to me. It has taught me to watch my facial expressions and it has given me the greatest skin I have ever had. My skin is the softest and freshest it has ever been in my 51 years of life." - Yvonne Armstrong, Winnipeg

"Thank you for my amazing face-lift! I am 48 years old, and am starting to see the skin tone of a 28 year old after only having used your support system and skin care for less than a week. If you ever want a testimonial, here I am. My husband, who never seems to notice much of anything, actually stopped me in the kitchen the other day, and stroked my forehead with his fingers. He said...."You're right hon, it really IS working", and then he smiled a huge smile! Thank you so much." Karen Ortland - Mississauga Ontario

"I purchase your facial support system and skin care about a year ago, and I must say that I am hooked for life. It is the most amazing thing that I have ever seen... - Jerry Ferguson, New Brunswick

"I have a Doctorate Degree in Science in Nutrition and Natural Therapies and have a private practice.  My Husband operates our wholesale food business.  I love my Time Reverse kit.  I must admit I do wait until my Husband has turned off the light before I engage in the full face piece.  He has a great sense of humor and doesn't seem to mind in the least. I see the amazing results and I hope many women take advantage of your product. All the best and I hope you keep in touch. - Dr. Joanne Vaughan, Mississauga, Ontario

"Your support system and skin care is amazing.  I use it for about 6 hours before going out and all the lines on my forehead disappear. I look rested, younger (like I had Botox injections).  Also, my jawline looks lifted. I am excited to start using it every day to get a permanent result.  I never tried any product with that kind of results in the past.  (I am addicted to cosmetics and I have tried everything possible on the market). - Line Rivest, Age 56 Quebec

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your wonderful product. I've been using Time Reverse kit for three months and I love it. After the first week I noticed such a big difference in my skin that, I stopped using any other products I had from before. I have always had acne breakouts and as an adult have developed wrinkles. Now my skin is has cleared up and I can hardly see any wrinkles. My friends and family see the difference, people compliment me and I love myself. I am going to continue using your product and can't wait for your future inventions. - Alexandra Riley, North York, Ontario

"When I wake up after wearing my Time Reverse system and skin care I feel refreshed as if I’ve had twice as much sleep. My skin feels softer, fresher and firmer making me better prepared for a busy workday. When I don’t use it, I wake up feeling tired and my skin looks crumpled and dull. I am 57 and I would never  have believed it but the Facial Support Kit has really changed my life. Thank you! - Barbara Bilodeau, Manitoba

"I am 51 years of age and I have a twin sister.We both loved the sun when we were younger and our skin had signs of damage. I bought us both a Time Reverse kit when you were on the show in England but she refused to use hers. It has now been 5 years since I have been using mine and my sister has has not. Now people think I am the much younger sister. We truly look 10 years apart now. I can't believe the difference it has made. I think the recent family photos will motivate her to start. - Perla Moffat, South Yorkshire, England

"I am enjoying the support system and skin care!  I have actually lost 120lbs in the last 18 months and have gone from three chins to one partly because of Time Reverse (I got rid of one chin and Time Reverse gook care of the other spare chin!)  Obviously anything that tightens the skin is beneficial to me.  Thanks again for remembering me.  I have been feeling unwell today and my husband checked the emails and dragged me out of bed to read yours as he said it would cheer me up - it has. Happy holidays. - Vida Turk – Cambridge, UK

"When I bought your support kit, I was not expecting miracles. It’s been genetic or so I thought – I have deep mouth to nose lines right down to my neck. I am nearly 61 and I look better now than I did when I was in my 30’s!! It has tightened up the entire cheek area and what I thought was genetic is now almost completely gone, this is unbelievable! I used to use facial exercises, masks and machines and they were good but they were never as good as this. I always thought that I would get a facelift but now I don’t need one! I used to get collagen shots but they were only good for about 3-4 months and now I don’t use anything else but Time Reverse. I even use it in my free time around the house because I love the effects – I wish I had taken a before picture and I wish my husband was here to tell you how the contour of my face, the jowl lines have almost disappeared.  Now when I look in the mirror I love myself, I hope my letter encourages others who have given up hope to try your support system and skin care. Thank you so much Time Reverse!" - Genoa Erickson North Vancouver, BC

"I’ve been using the Time reverse products and bands for over a year and I feel that of all the anti-aging, anti wrinkle product that i use and have used it is really the most effective in terms of smoothing out my skin and giving me a refreshed look. I feel it has really smoothed out my forehead and frown lines completely but the area I am most impressed with is the jaw line and mouth area. When I stop using it, I notice the difference within a day or two that I don't look as fresh, firm or lifted. I really try to use it every night. In fact I can hardly sleep without it! Also it has helped me to sleep on my back, which is easier on the neck and spine as well. Thanks a lot." - Heather Tichenor, Hamilton, ON

"I am so pleased with your product, I am 35 years old and I quit smoking about 5 months ago. Shortly thereafter, my face totally broke out in acne (apparently my body ridding itself of toxins). I tried everything to get rid of it and nothing worked. Within days of using the Time Reverse, the irritation started disappearing. Now, 2 weeks later, my skin looks better than it has in years (even while I was smoking!!). If the wrinkles are disappearing, I am thrilled.  I just got married last weekend and was absolutely devastated to think my photos of that day would include a face full of acne. Thankfully all looked well! Maybe you can focus your marketing towards clearing up skin irritations as well. Thank you so much for your help. -  Liz Dumenceaux Ottawa, ON

"My girlfriend has been using the time reverse facial system and skin care for some time now and we are more than happy with the results. I finally decided to try it on for myself one day and now after just a few uses per week I've noticed a huge decrease in the lines on my forehead and it has totally firmed up what use to be a bit of a double chin. I don't know how it works, but it works! and I can watch my sports at the same time. Thanks for keeping us looking and feeling younger. - Jeff and Laura Thompson, Burlington, ON

"I ordered the time Reverse Facial Support Kit 4 months ago and I have achieved great results. The skin care is fantastic, easy and effective. My skin is sensitive to perfume and most cosmetics and I love that yours is natural. My skin feels like velvet and looks smooth and poreless. It is cleansed and balanced consistently day after day and I have cleared and kept under control my pre-menopause acne without any dehydration, redness, and blotchiness or enlarged pores that I used to get with other anti-aging creams. - Lauren Wong, Victoria BC

"The Facial Support system and skin care is truly unique! It is so comfortable to wear – it smoothes away my expression lines and I cannot fall asleep without it now. I follow your sleeping position each night and fall asleep feeling as if I am having facial at a spa. My sleep is so restful and my lower back has never felt better. I awake with smooth, hydrated, refreshed skin. If people are sceptical about it, they should buy it for the skin care alone and then try the whole regimen! It is the best money I have spent in years! - Moira Shapiro, New Jersey, NY

"I started using the Time Reverse Kit and within the first couple of days I noticed wonderful results! After a month of using your Facial Support Bands and skin care the beginning fine lines and wrinkles I mentioned just disappeared! I feel so wonderful and have better self-confidence. I think every person at any age should start using Time Reverse. You will feel so good about yourself and like me, will look forward to looking younger and feeling confident about yourself each year that passes. I am a professional aesthetician. The Time Reverse Kit is the best home skin care I have ever seen. I use it on my clients in the spa and give the Kit as gifts to the people I love. Thank you Tanya for brightening up all my birthdays to come and making me feel terrific about the way my skin looks." - Candace McGee, Calgary, Alta

"I have had oily skin most of my life. 6 yrs ago – I started getting dry on the side of my face, forehead and jaw and then began breaking out from the dryness. I tried a lot of creams before I bought your Kit. I have used Time Reverse for over 2 months now and it makes my skin feel as smooth as silk. My skin feels like I’m a kid again!  I see great results with the support support system and skin care. I wear it to bed and the days I can’t wear it for health reasons – I wear it during the day. Now can you make something for my hands?" - Cheryl Gilford 58, New Brunswick.

"I was at the Toronto Anti-aging show and was 'coerced' by my friend to buy your Time Reverse... She tried it there..and after 10 minutes was in love with it.  I wasn't convinced and went looking for Botox clinics.  Well I am I ever glad that we walked up and down the aisles until we found you again.  My friend promised to re-imburse me if I didn't work. I finally tried it 3 days ago.  Well.. let me tell you! I am 41 but look much younger and have 'good' skin. However, before wearing your support for the last 3 days, I had:

1) ever so slight dropping of the skin under my chin - the start of jowls (both parents have them to some degree) ...... now that skin appears  FIRM and almost .. dare I say it... gone...

2) lines from the sides of my nose that 'outline' to my mouth - I always hated them... - they are ... gone!

3) faint lines above my lips... gone!

Well, my 75 year old mom who also has great skin and minor wrinkles - only around her eyes - has been complaining about the 'dropping' of her cheeks and jowls - If this helped me with my problems, I just bought it for her also!"   - Patricia Lippa - Toronto, ON

"I am 78 yrs old. My body has always been in good shape but the last 5 years I have been dreaming of a facelift. I had purchased your support system and skin care and have been using it for 8 months and I have to tell you it really works!! When I use the support system and skin care everyone asks if I had a face lift. Even my husband can tell you. It is a little tricky in the beginning but once you get used to it – you can’t live without the results! Please never stop selling it. Thank you." - Antonia McMullen, Vancouver BC

"I bought a time reverse pack a while ago and I enjoy using it, it makes my skin feel really soft and firm.  It also helps me breathe a lot better during my sleep as it keeps my skin from drooping which in turn takes pressure of my airways. Thanking you." - Carolyn Block, Edinborough, Scotland

 "I am 62 yrs. YOUNG and have just tried your support system and skin care for one week now...I kid you not...I HAD what I call pillow creases on my left side of the face, due to sleeping on that side all my life...and now they have diminished, almost gone. Having olive skin, my skin was sagging, jaws looked like dog that has lifted up...IN JUST ONE WEEK?? My hat off to those two gals who developed this product. The multi purpose cream that came in the kit I want to drink it!!! It is so smooth. makes my face so smooth plus it feels so good. My face feels like a baby's behind!..No kidding... Further, it is so funny, because I am on the internet all the time and really hated putting my "cam" on....NOW, I'm camming all my friends and they are saying, "gee, you look great!"...I just wanted to write and say, THANK YOU THANK YOU, this is a great product and if you have such a thing as a mailing list for new product announcements, PLEEZ, add me to it...I can't wait for your products / eye care to come out...and I will be buying a bunch more of your present bands and skin care items.  I have been looking for results and support system and skin care like yours for a long time.  Thanks again." - Dee Millen,   Sydney, Australia

 "I have strictly been using the bands since May 2002 and I see a difference in the lines around the mouth and the furrow lines.  However, the greatest benefit for me is that the bands trigger the blood circulation and so prevent the progression of the rosacea condition.  How do I know?  If I don't wear the bands for a couple of nights in a row, I am quickly reminded; blemishes/lumps under the skin start appearing....  Thank you for this great invention...." - Joanne Lalonde Orleans, Ontario