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#1 Natural Face Lift

#1 Natural Face Lift

The Time Reverse Facial Support System irons away fine lines and smooths deep wrinkles while lifting and firming your facial contours. See the difference from the very first use. The more and the longer you use it, the faster your skin will regain its youthful, lifted appearance. Wrinkles become less visible and will not re-appear.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Time Reverse™ works on the skin and the muscles to smooth away the fine lines and reverse the daily damage from frowning, the sun and dehydration. It acts as a guide for your skin – smoothing the new cells as they regenerate. Through biofeedback, it re-educates the muscles of your face to relax. The derma film™ supports the skin properly and naturally against the force of gravity and prevents sleep creases and folds.


  • 100 % Natural & Breathable

    Made with a special derma-film™ to fit your face like a second skin. Works to maximize the effectiveness of your existing skin care. 100% breathable Derma-Film 100% Hypo Allergenic, Latex-Free, Fragrance Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Washable.

  • Perfect Fit Technology

    2 Facial Support Bands - 1 for your Face and 1 for your Forehead. Wraps comfortably around your head and fastens with medical grade Velcro to suit all face and head shapes.

  • Stop Frowning with Biofeedback

    Train your brain to break the skin aging habit of frowning, furrowing your forehead and pursing your lips. Best alternative to Botox, Fillers and Surgical lifts.

Product Information

Time Reverse Non-Surgical Facial Support System

Smoothes visible wrinkles - Physically supports the contours of the face—resisting the force of gravity.It uses the principles of ‘biofeedback’ during the night to bring awareness during the day to help stop frowning and wrinkling. The special material helps improve circulation by collecting and reflecting your skin's temperature so you wake up looking fresh and toned without the look of puffy morning face.

Can be used while you sleep, or during the day when you are most likely to frown or wrinkle your face while you watch TV, read, work on the computer or do house hold chores. Use it as a quick lift 15 minutes before you go out to eliminate signs of tired and stressed looking skin from a busy day. Look fresh, rested in minutes!

Time Reverse™ begins to improve the look and feel of your face and starts to slow down the visible aging process. With Regular use, wrinkles and lines are diminished; slackened skin feels firmer; your face begins to recapture the look of youthful radiance. The unique benefit of biofeedback helps you control wrinkling and frowning to prevent new or deeper lines. No need for Botox!

Made with a special derma-film to fit your face like a second skin. Apply the Restore Multi-Action Firming Cream under your Support System to activate the smoothing and firming benefits of the derma-film inside your Facial Support Bands!

100% breathable Time Reverse Material - Allergy free - Latex free - Washable. Adjustable for both Men & Women - Comfortable & Relaxing to wear.



With use, you can expect your facial skin to look lifted, youthful and smoother. The Facial Support Bands in combination with your skin care iron out fine lines and deeper wrinkles. They smooth your skin and lift and firm the facial contours from the force of gravity. Your skin ages microscopically every day. You are already making a difference from the very first use by ironing out the daily stress on your skin and preventing your wrinkles from getting deeper and preventing your skin from stretching. The more and longer you use it, your skin will become firmer, look tighter and more refreshed. Your wrinkles will become less visible and will not reappear as long as you use it. Even if you stop using it for anytime, your skin will still age much slower because you have used it.


Time Reverse works like a guide for your skin (much like braces on crooked teeth would) to smooth, firm and support your skin against your facial muscles. The smoothing inner DermaFilm™ physically smooths out your skin and improves the texture. As your cells regenerate over time, your skin takes the texture of the special derma-film in your Facial Support Bands™ and you look younger! The Time Reverse Bands physically lift your facial contours (like a face bra) to prevent and correct the stretching of your skin from the force of gravity or the pressure of your head when you sleep. The results are cumulative and lasting – there are no miracles for overnight beauty but there is good science and clinically proven results that you will find in Time Reverse™. Time Reverse™ reverses wrinkles and sagging skin by targeting the habits that create them (frowning your face, and sleeping on your face that crushes your skin). You are getting long term benefits. The older we get the faster we age. Wrinkles don’t appear all in one day. They start off as tiny lines and get deeper every day. By using the Time Reverse Program now, you are making the lines and wrinkles shallower and keeping the skin firm against the force of gravity and facial expressions and improving the texture. You are already slowing down the aging process.


You can wear it for as long and often as you like; it is good for you and will only accelerate your results. If you sleep on your side or on your face, ideally it is worn overnight (begin with the forehead piece).The results are cumulative; with continued use, your skin will look much younger longer. A minimum of 15-20 minutes is required to see an immediate result. If you can’t wear your bands overnight, you can wear them during the day in the comfort of your home while you watch TV, read and do household chores etc… Get used to your Facial Support Bands slowly. Begin with the forehead piece for 15 minutes and increase gradually.


The average time for replacement is approximately 2-4 months depending on how often you use it (every day etc). Do not throw away your used Support Bands! Use the forehead piece over your new Facial Support Bands for extra support (as seen in video). A Note on the Material: The Facial Support System™ is custom made of 100% breathable irritant free Time Reverse Material™ with a special inner derma film. It is vegan and does not contain any latex, gluten or other allergens. Invented by a European Dermatologist and Skin Specialist. Can I wash it? Your Facial Support System is Made with a bacteria resistant Time Reverse Material™. You may wash it NO more than every 2 weeks to 1 month. When washing it, rinse it in cool water without soap (for stains use gentle detergent), never rub, stretch or wring it. Lay flat to dry.


Yes, you can use other skin care products with the Time Reverse Support System™. The only contra-indicated product is glycolic acid or high concentrations of retinol as they weaken the elasticity of the bands.


No, the Time Reverse Material™ will accommodate to your features and contours by the second use. This is also why you do not share it with others. If you find it tight in certain areas, shorten the length of time you wear it and increase the frequency so it adjusts to your face and you will find it will fit comfortably after only a few times wearing it.

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