Product Information & Use

Time Reverse Non-Surgical Facial Support System

Smoothes visible wrinkles - Physically supports the contours of the face—resisting the force of gravity.It uses the principles of ‘biofeedback’ during the night to bring awareness during the day to help stop frowning and wrinkling. The special material helps improve circulation by collecting and reflecting your skin's temperature so you wake up looking fresh and toned without the look of puffy morning face.

Can be used while you sleep, or during the day when you are most likely to frown or wrinkle your face while you watch TV, read, work on the computer or do house hold chores. Use it as a quick lift 15 minutes before you go out to eliminate signs of tired and stressed looking skin from a busy day. Look fresh, rested in minutes!

Time Reverse™ begins to improve the look and feel of your face and starts to slow down the visible aging process. With Regular use, wrinkles and lines are diminished; slackened skin feels firmer; your face begins to recapture the look of youthful radiance. The unique benefit of biofeedback helps you control wrinkling and frowning to prevent new or deeper lines. No need for Botox!

Made with a special derma-film to fit your face like a second skin. Apply the Restore Multi-Action Firming Cream under your Support System to activate the smoothing and firming benefits of the derma-film inside your Facial Support Bands!

100% breathable Time Reverse Material - Allergy free - Latex free - Washable. Adjustable for both Men & Women - Comfortable & Relaxing to wear.

Your Time Reverse Positions

Facial Support System, 2 Face-Lift Bands (1 Forehead and 1 Face) 

Eye Products can be applied with eye tube or by fingertips. You can also use eye applicator around the eye areas for massage.

An intensive moisture treatment cream - smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles and nourishes dry skin around the eyes and lips. Triple-Lift helps repair damaged skin fibers, infuses moisture and creates a hydro-lipid film to protect your eyes and lips from dehydration, frowning and daily stress! Enriched with natural skin brighteners, crushed pearl and light diffusing particles to chase away fatigue and shadows for radiant, younger looking skin.

Eye Products can be applied with eye tube or by fingertips. You can also use eye applicator around the eye areas for massage.

Recover from salty foods, late nights out and aggressive climates. Relieve the feeling of tired eyes and tighten and firm loose and sagging skin. Apply your Super Firming Eye Gel in relaxing massage movements to help improve blood circulation, reduce dark circles, drain puffy eyes, and lift drooping eye-lids so you can look better faster!

To improve blood circulation, strengthen capillaries and help revive tired eyes. Special plant extracts hydrate the skin, and help firm and tighten loose skin, reduce puffy eyes and drooping eyelids.

An intensive anti-wrinkle concentrate in a convenient roll-up stick. To be used during the day under or over makeup to boost elasticity so your skin can bounce back from every smile and frown. Apply several times a day where the skin needs it most: eye and lip contour etc…